Low Sex Libido Treatment Alternative


“There would definitely be way fewer instances of cheating if the average couple did not have sex only when the woman feels like it.” ― Mokokoma Mokhonoana

These days, the busy life, pressure of maintaining a better standard of living and unlimited stress are making our lives dry and we are forgetting the divinity of sex-the oldest practice of celebrating togetherness. This post is dedicated to them who’re vigorously searching for the taste of life and the taste of the love-a great experience of feeling the desire of making love. Here in this post, we will check out what is low libido, the causes of the same, how it affects women and how to get rid of it.


Libido, or sex drive, is the need to engage in sexual activity. It is different in every person and there are no top-down guidelines that would say when the libido is sufficient and when it is not. Our own feelings are decisive – if the low libido or lack of it does not bother us, everything is fine! There are people who do not feel sex drive at all are called asexual. The problem starts when we have had a successful sex life so far, but suddenly, for unknown reasons, we began to feel the lack of any needs in this area. It is then that we most often look for ways to rekindle desire.


Hormones, mental and social factors as well as age primarily influence the level of libido. Incorrect levels of sex hormones, irregular lifestyle, stress, stimulants – all this can have a negative effect on the feeling of desire. Low libido can ruin everything, trust me! You may start getting unwanted hazards at work, you may suffer from Insomnia or you may experience severe digestion related issue.

At the time of menopause, due to the sudden changes in hormonal activities, women lack interest in involving in any sexual activity. It is also lesser when the woman’s body is too much filled with prolactin – the high concentration of this hormone occurs in nursing mothers so that the next pregnancy does not occur too quickly. Chronic stress is also an important factor affecting prolactin growth. In men, libido decreases after the age of 45, when testosterone production drops sharply.


Depression has a negative impact on your whole life, including your sexual condition. The drugs taken in this disease are equally bad for libido. All serotonin reuptake inhibitors, also known as SSRIs, improve the mood by raising the level of this hormone but lower the sexual drive. However, it turns out that you do not necessarily have to give up antidepressants. Recent studies have shown that women use a tender improvement in their sex lives when they regularly do cardio workouts. Exercises not only raised their libido but also increased their satisfaction with the attitude.


Oral contraceptives can lower the level of sex hormones and, consequently, take the fancy for love. So if you take birth control pills and do not remember when you last wanted to be close to your partner, you may find out that lowering the libido is the result of poorly matched hormonal contraception. In this situation, you should go to your gynecologist.

Medicines prescribed without blood tests can’t only affect the level of libido, but also other health functions of the body. An alternative to these measures is non-hormonal contraception, i.e. a condom, an insert or a ring. You can also ask at the next visit to the gynecologist for the prescription of other types of tablets available on the market. It is worth knowing, however, that the pill can also increase your libido. Not always the consequence of taking this type of contraception is the lack of desire for sex.


Admittedly, antihistamines are a godsend for allergy sufferers, especially in spring and summer, but they can also be a real killer of their libido. Fortunately, their impact on sexual performance is temporary and usually passes within 12 hours of the last dose. The solution may be to take them at the right times. We should also remember that many of the components responsible for anti-allergic activity can also be found in many medications used for cough and flu. So we can take antihistamines without even knowing about it, and consequently, negatively affect sex drive.


Antiepileptic drugs help people suffering from epilepsy and bipolar disorder in their daily lives. Unfortunately, the price for a more comfortable life is less sex drive. Drugs prescribed for epilepsy prevent impulses flowing along with nerve cells. The body’s response to orgasm is similar to that experienced by patients during an epileptic seizure, which is why impulse suppressing drugs can also reduce the pleasure of sexual sensations.


Beta-blockers are medications used every day by millions of people suffering from cardiac disorders, hypertension, and coronary heart disease. Although they improve the heart and circulation, they also lower blood pressure, which negatively affects libido in both men and women. If you’re having potential problems with beta-blockers, tell your doctor about it. You may prescribe drugs whose side effects do not affect sexual health.


Female libido is a mystery both for women and their partners, as well as for doctors. Some compare women’s desire for a butterfly – just as delightful as … skittish. The desire can grow between partners all day long, and in the evening it is enough for the woman to hear the male “right” at the request to wash the dishes and the desire for sex spurts like a soap bubble.


Sex hormones are often blamed for not wanting to have sex. It’s true that hormones are largely responsible for our moods, and – for feeling the desire to get closer – admits Aleksandra Demiańczyk, a biologist, a fertility expert for the computer distributor of the Lady-Comp series. If we talk about a woman’s monthly cycle, the cyclic fluctuations of sex hormones occurring in it have a significant influence on the level of libido.

The first phase of the ovulation cycle is dominated by estrogen, which causes more desire for sex. After ovulation, there is an increase in the hormone in the female body called progesterone, which silences the libido. The lowest level of our libido is achieved shortly before menstruation as a result of a decrease in the level of both progesterone and estrogen.

However, it should be remembered that in every lady the hormone levels are slightly different, there are various fluctuations, therefore, in the range of felt desire, there may also be changes. Ladies who generally have high estrogen levels are quite benign and tend to have sex before menstruation (despite this that the level of estrogen decreases), while ladies who naturally have high levels of progesterone do not have the desire to love frolics, and are simply “pissed off”.


Trying to finding out ways to get rid of low libido? Try to give yourself a long break from sexual activities. Often, a long gap in sex life enhances desire. Also, you can’t increase it forcefully- a brand new aroma or a glass of red wine can act well instead. Libido is noticeably stubborn. To live a healthy life, you must have a good sex life.

No matter you get from the committed relationship or by enjoying your weekends’ one night stand. Just like breaks, libido hates boredom and routine. If you love each other identically, then you are on the straight path to weakening your libido, and thus to the crisis in the relationship. Duplicating patterns in the bedroom kills even the greatest feeling and attachment. That’s how it is.

The only way to maintain libido is constant change. It applies not only to the behavior towards the partner but also to change the place where you love, the time of day or underwear. And you do not have to buy a whole arsenal of erotic gadgets. There are many simpler ways to cultivate libido. There are drugs to improve both male and female sexual performance. However, there are also those that can effectively lower libido. If cohabitation has gone down in your life, the culprit may be in a handy first aid kit.

However, if you do not want to give up your sex life and take any of the following medications each day, talk to your doctor. Maybe he will recommend another therapy with the same effectiveness that will not cause unwanted side effects.


You will turn up your libido by stimulating your sense of smell – buy soothing almond oil for massage, jasmine oil for bathing in a bathtub and try to relax – stress is the biggest libido killer!


If you plan to have sex in the evening, start preparing a few hours earlier – eat a delicious dinner, and for dessert dark chocolate with a hint of chili. With a meal, drink dry red wine that will stimulate circulation and help you relax. In summer, as part of a dessert, you can eat a chilled melon, sipped Martini – a mix that effectively stimulates the senses!


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